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School’s out, y’all! Time to head down to the pool, the beach, and the farmer’s market…  and what better way to make a splash beach-side (or pick up a bushel of those fabulously fresh Georgia Peaches if you’re in the south) then with the super chic Little Mermaid Eco-Tote designed by Artist Andrea?

You may recall another one of Andrea’s awesome totes featured a while back, Ooh La La (find the fashion print here).  And at the fab price of only $TEN BUCKS$ a bag, why not get two…or three!  And what was that???… oh, yeah!!!  YOU can enter  this super FABULOUS GIVEAWAY hosted by the Art School Grad Blogspot to win your own FREE Little Mermaid Eco-Tote!  Who doesn’t like FREE STUFF???

Cuteness abounds! Lovin' my tote!

Andrea also recently released another fab design in her eco-tote line that will have even the landiest of landlubbers a droolin’.  Ahoy! Check out this here booty!   Ok, going a bit ‘overboard’ with all the pirate talk.  I’ll go walk the plank now.

Ahoy! Eco-tote

And hey, c’mon, that hot pirate chick needs somewhere to stash her booty…ahem…makeup.  Artist Andrea is hitting the nail on the head with her line of bags.  Check out the lovely new line of cosmetic bags… the perfect size to fit in your overnight bag or even a large handbag!  And the interior is a cushion-lined polyester which equals super easy cleaning in case of a little shadow spillage.  Not to mention a great little zippered interior storage pocket!  And did I mention that she has two super adorable designs?  I have the Juliet style… GORGEOUS!

Juliet Cosmetic Bag by Artist Andrea

Disclaimer!!! I feel as though I should mention my recent obsession with turning photographs into vintage, digital Polaroids… check out this site to turn your fave snapshots into classic looking Polaroids by Polardroid.


Let’s get back to fun in the sun…

Hot fun in the summer time...

Days beach-side, pool-side, park-side, what have you;  if you have kids (and even if you don’t and you’ve been enjoying that pre-mommy bikini bod and a Pina Coloda in Cabo), then you know summer time not only equals squeals of delight, fun in the sun, and hours of splashing in the waves (followed  by others’ squeals of delight if you’re single.. in Cabo… and just lost your top); you’re also familiar with sand in the most unimaginable cracks and crevices; sunburn, sunburn, evil, awful sunburn; and cranky, cranky, sun-drained tiredness.  Oh, the joys of parenthood…and singledomhood…or whatever. Ha!

Really, I’m going somewhere with this…

Water hoses and hoop-a-loops!

What better way to wind down that cranky, tired, over-sunned beach bunny? LAVENDER! From the Greek word, ‘lavare’, which means to wash, lavender is known for it’s reputable relaxation qualities.  Heck, apparently, in the Middle Ages, Queen Elizabeth used it to treat frequent migraines!  If that’s not relaxing, I don’t know what is!

I recently started bathing my three year old wild, sun child, London, in Baby Swank Naturals: Lavender Chamomile after our nearly-daily pool trips. After a few hours at the pool, becoming over-tired and over-saturated in chlorine, a dunk in this lovely baby wash has become my saving grace.  I think London likes it, too. 😛

The light, floral scent of lavender, which is not as overwhelming as similar products I’ve used, is so relaxing  for nerves frazzled by a three-year old’s poolside temper tantrum… and it’s relaxing for the child, too!  I have to admit, one thing that I was concerned about with using this product, was the effects it would have on London’s skin.

Baby Swank Naturals by Meagan Visser

See, London has uber sensitive skin.  Right before her second birthday, she developed a rash.  I thought it was a heat rash for the first two weeks.  But then it began to spread, and it was a horrible, horrible sight.  We were out of town, visiting my parents, at the time.  And it just kept getting worse.  So, I finally took her to my childhood pediatrician, who then referred us to a dermatologist that confirmed our lingering suspicions… the dreaded eczema!

Eczema, eczema, eczema!  So many potential causes, so hard to determine…and after of over a year of trying to figure out if it was laundry detergent or the world’s most navigationaly-capable cat (oh, that is a story all in itself…remind me, and I’ll tell you some other time) or just life in general… nothing.  So, back to the Baby Swank Naturals Baby Wash… I was nervous.

At first, I dabbed just a bit on a washcloth, and washed my daughter gingerly, nervously.  Everything seemed fine, no rashes out of the ordinary.  So, the next day, I added a bit more (though a little of this product goes a long way), and scrubbed her down… her steroid creams and lotions by my side (yeah, sadly, it’s that bad).  Nothing.  Nothing at all.  Just a clean, less-cranky, and smelly-good baby girl.  Ok, toddler girl, but she’ll always be my baby!

With that said, definitely check out Meagan’s  new line of baby washes, especially if you’re like me and prefer natural products free of junk like parabens and preservatives, and all those crazy long names that take you an hour of tongue twisting to pronounce.

How her garden grows... just wanted to give you an update on how our garden is GROWING!!!


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