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postheadericon Artist du Jour: Marina Taliera

This week, the Artist du Jour series catches up with the lovely Marina Taliera ,who, through her stunning portrait and map series, reminds us to look within ourselves and, with borrowing the words of Gandhi, be the change in which we wish to see in the world. I have fallen in love with Marina’s expressive use of emotional line and captivating color, as I’m sure that you will as well.  Enjoy!


Artist du Jour: Marina Taliera

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Marina Taliera, and I am a painter of “Maps” and “Abstract portraits”.
I’ve always been a creative person; my childhood was filled with travels and
never ending questions about the world and its mysteries.
After studying costume design, I fell in love with painting.

I can spend hours in my studio, reading listening to music and painting. Originally from
the south of France, I currently set up my “atelier” in the beautiful town of Oaxaca, Mexico.



The Abstract Portrait series has such a raw emotional beauty about it.

Kaya by M. Taliera (one of my personal faves and it's available for sale on Etsy)

Where do you find your inspiration?

I started that series back in 2005 with a painting called “BRUJA”,
I was talking on the phone with a friend, sketching and I ended up
painting a face on top of an unfinished abstract painting I liked the
result , got commissioned to do two more and decided that they’re was
something to explore there. I have no fear of a wrong line or a wrong
color when I paint; it starts as an abstract, a collage; recycling
papers and textures then I layer paint, oil pastels, and a story takes
place. The “Abstract Portraits” reminds us to look within, the eyes
are closed meditating, leaving a certain mystery, the strokes are raw
and express movement.

Moving to Oaxaca a city known for its colorful art, crafts and
architecture was a great way to stimulate my creativity. Traveling,
stepping outside of your comfort zone, helps I’ve noticed to get the
best work out .

Marina's studio with an abstract map painting in process on the easel

Tell me about ‘Recyclarte’ and the Map Series.

Compass by M. Taliera, available for purchase on Etsy

“Recyclarte” is the name of the etsy store that I started with my
partner J-Paw. We are both passionate about art and the idea to reuse;
giving new life to objects, papers, metal, bottles… it just made sense.

“Recyclar”-“arte”  became the perfect word to describe what we do.
Art like music is a great way to spread messages and I think the “Map
Series” is a way to remind people to cherish simple things, the
texture of a tree the shape of a coast line.
In my paintings, I use recycled papers , dried leaves and flowers,
onion skin, cardboard, sand; anything organic that catches my attention
by its uniqueness.

I come from a generation that has been hearing “the
world is polluted, sick, dying” since middle school but I try and always
stay positive.  A lot of amazing people are changing the way they live
and consume, and I am hopeful that in the next few years more will
follow .


Chess the cat hanging out by one of Marina's paintings

What’s your favorite part about the creative process?

Finishing a painting is always a great feeling, showing it for the
first time , getting different reactions from people, etc . I usually
start 3 or 4 at the same time so there’s always a canvas calling my
attention. If i get blocked on one piece, i can always move on to the
next one.

Selling on Etsy has led me to experiment more when it comes
to taking pictures of my artwork. I really fell in love with it ! I
look for the perfect place now, the perfect outdoor wall or tree to
photograph my work. I think it gives art a different approach showing
it in nature vs a gallery wall.


If you could have one super power, what would it be?

Probably telekinetic powers! How great would it be to be able to
paint, holding the brush with my mind only.


6 Degree South by Marina Taliera

If you weren’t an artist, what do you think you would be doing?

I would definitely be working with animals.  That used to be my
dream job as a kid. We have rescued 3 cats and a dog so far since
we’ve moved to Mexico. I definitively plan to open a shelter for
rescued animals with the sale of my artwork . It’s something that is
really needed here and that I believe can be helped.


Where can we find you?

More of my work is available online at : www.
I also upload weekly pictures to my Facebook page:
recycled masks and paintings can be found at :

Some of my “Arte rocca” pieces are currently being displayed at Black
Box studio: and I’m currently working on
some pieces for the upcoming 2011 FONCA art festival.

Moss, Painting by Marina available on Etsy.